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"And a threefold cord is not quickly broken." - Ecclesiastes 4:12

The Women Behind

Bound By Grace

Kimberly Canfield, Bound By Grace Media
Faith Murphy, Bound By Grace Media
Marlaina Knowlton, Co- Founder of Bound By Grace Media

- Kimberly (Kim), Faith, and Marlaina (MK)

We began Bound By Grace Media because we saw a need that needed to be filled. Our company recognized the gap between having a dream and turning it into a successful business. Getting started and branding a new business was difficult for small businesses on a budget. The learning curve for how to market a startup was steep.


As an experienced team of three, we knew we had the tools needed to serve others. Each one of us brings a unique perspective to the table, along with a variety of skills and expertise. From establishing your target audience, designing a new logo, assistance developing a presence on social media, marketing your small business, launching a new website and everything in between...                     for your business needs!


Rock Shore Beach

Our Mission

“To provide hope and inspire real people to take the leap into the business world and establish themselves  confidently  and with the tools necessary to  succeed  beyond their goals.”

Small Business Owner Marketing

Branding, marketing, and web design for small to midsized businesses.

Entrepreneur Start Up Sketch

Our Vision

"To assist entrepreneurs with their first steps into the business world, by bringing their design visions to life so they can focus on what they love.

Weaving the pieces together for entrepreneurs!



Brand identity, logos, web designs, cards, flyers and more!

Marketing For Small Business


Branding and brand messaging paired with content marketing and strategy!

Web Design


Gain creditability and trust with your customers by having custom PC and mobile web designs for your brand! 

What Clients Are Saying...

It made transitioning into our new business smoothly with no headache.

We believe that 3 strands are 
than one... that is why the three of us here at Bound By Grace Media work
on every project for each client.

Marlaina Knowlton
Faith Murphy, Bound By Grace Media



Kimberly Canfield - Bound By Grace Media_edited.png
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